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Comfort Zone

How To Overcome A Comfort Zone

“I just don’t feel Like building my business today.”   Have you ever felt that way?   It’s called being in a Comfort Zone.   I know hearing the words comfort zone is like "blah blah I've heard this before," but what’s funny about it is that no one ever thinks they’re in a...

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Life and Death

The Power of Life and Death

This is something that has taken me many years to get just a tiny clue about. It’s actually something from the Bible and it goes like this:   “Life and death is in the power of the tongue…

” – Proverbs 18:21   Life And Death?! That’s Bold!   When dealing with...

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How To answer- (1)

How to Answer: “Who do I talk to?”

One of the questions I get the most is: “Who do I talk to?”   Especially when you're speaking with prospects, they’re going to ask you this often.   If you answer the wrong way it could be the difference between not enrolling them and enrolling them. Sometimes the black and...

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Is Confusion Killing Your Success?

One of the biggest enemies to success in the network marketing industry is confusion.   Of course everything has a learning curve to it, but there are a lot of people who seem to get STUCK because they don't know which direction to go from where they...

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One Recruit Per Day

When I started my home based business years ago, I always focused on DIALS.   I thought if I hit my target number of DIALS, then I would have success and build momentum. It sounds like a good plan, right? I personally used to use this “dials”...

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Thurs training 2

Thursday Training with Tom

This weekly LIVE Training is 100% FREE for you and your team to get direct training from the leading coach in the home based business industry!   Better Prospecting. Better Closing. Better Results.   Dial in and hear Tom Challan share secrets, strategies and insights from his 20 years of...

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Warm Market

Why It’s All About “Warm Market”

What is "Warm Market"   When we say "warm market" we’re talking about people who already know us, and hopefully like and trust us.   A prospect being "cold" or "hot is generally based on the level of relationship and trust you've established with that person.   So when we talk about "warm market" we’re generally thinking...

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