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Question Answered “Should I send out my link to my prospects?”

You may be skipping one CRUCIAL step when trying to enroll business builders to your personal team.   I want to help you fill in the gap so that you can stop wasting your time and FINALLY start getting results.   So many home business entrepreneurs get the phone number or email of a prospect and immediately send them a link to watch their online presentation. Doing this CAN...

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Do You Have What it Takes to Build a Business?

Do You Have What it Takes to Build a Business?

I have asked this question over the course of 20 years to hundreds (if not thousands) of my 1-on-1 coaching clients, my personal team members, and my group coaching members:   "Do You Have What it Takes to Build a Business?"   The SHOCKING answer I get so often is “No"   But I am telling you, the TRUE answer is YES - you DO have what it takes.   If you are moldable and...

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beyond limits network marketing

Going BEYOND your limits in Network Marketing

There is one key element that determines whether someone will plateau OR have consistent breakthrough.   I don't care if you're walking about sports, education, a trade, or a network marketing business, what separates the good from the BEST is having a mentor or a coach.   Click below to watch the video:   Look at the BEST...

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Objection: “I’ll Join Your Business AFTER You Succeed first!”

You're in network marketing and a friend says,   "Sure, I'll join you, but only after YOU succeed first."   Has this happened to you before?   HERE is a free video showing you how you respond to that!   [fbvideo link="https://www.facebook.com/priorityteam/videos/10154135909368596/" width="500" height="400" onlyvideo="0"]       I have a FREE Gift for you! I have a special training just for you called "Breakthrough Recruiting Strategies" that will help you take your recruiting to the next level.   For the...

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Get People to a Local Presentation

The Best Way to Get People to a Local Presentation

There are lots of lame incorrect ways to get people to a local presentation, but I want to fill you in on the BEST way to get people to a local presentation.   There is ONE strategy that has been working for the best network marketers for years that still reigns supreme.   This one thing can take your empty-chair meetings to PACKED OUT, standing-room-only, recruiting machines.   I know what you're thinking   "Ok,...

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lead big teams

How to Lead Big Teams Without Spending More Time

I've seen so many leaders in network marketing make this fatal mistake when trying to lead big teams:   They spend all day, all night, and all week answering questions from their team - getting so busy coaching their existing reps that they have no time left to recruit new ones.   With a model like that who wants more people anyway? Every time you add someone to your team it adds hours...

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7 Steps to Being a Closing Pro in Network Marketing

7 Steps to Being a Closing Pro

My wife and I have been in network marketing for over twenty years and in that time I can confidently say that I've become a closing pro.   We've been top earners and top performers in several companies - building teams of over 40,000 people and earning multiple 6 figures for many years.   In a one year period I have personally closed and recruited 1-3 people every single day. That was...

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Getting Your New Person Started

(be sure to stick around because at the end of this blog post I have a free bonus gift waiting for you! Or if you can't wait, go there now!)   How you get someone started is how THEY will get someone started.   Unfortunately, many network marketers have no clue what to do once they enroll someone.   They are so excited just to get a new team member, but they...

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The Only “Closing Phrase” You’ll Ever Need

I have a confession to make… I am not a great closer. Nope. I don't do any fancy closes or "persuade" my prospects into joining my business. I simply say THREE SPECIFIC WORDS in a VERY SPECIFIC WAY that gets the job done every single time. Are you ready? Here they are…. "Great! Welcome aboard!" Yes, those are my exact words. When people hear me...

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