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personal development

“What’s the best way to develop personally for my home business?”

I recently received a question from one of my clients and here is what they said: "Tom, what is the # thing that has helped you develop personally?" Funny enough, the #1 thing that helped me grow was getting my butt kicked so many times in this industry! I took too long to be coachable and teachable. I didn't focus on the proven things that the leaders told...

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My Interview With A Special Naval Operator

  Hey everyone, today I want to talk about a fascinating interview I did with a Naval Special Operator. I asked him a few general questions but then I got into the real nitty gritty of it all.  He has been in the military since 2005 and he knows what it takes to succeed in his profession, and I found that a lot of those same characteristics can...

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Are you Lost in a Sea of everybody’s Opinion?

We were lost yesterday in the woods, just like many of you are in your business. I was inspired to make this quick video for you. Stop Listening to everybody, watch this video below to see what I mean. Don't forget about tonight's Free Training Call, special guest also. Thursday Equipping Call powered by Date: January 26th Time: 3 PM HI / 5 PM PST / 7 PM CST 8 PM...

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Interview with home business double-digit weekly recruiter James Peterson

(Full Post: Now you can receive the same result-driven training like James Peterson and have wild breakthroughs in your home business. Enroll in the recruiting boot camp and watch your numbers soar! (Enter the code WIN to save $150 as a new boot camper, or $50 if you're coming back for more!) ...

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Winning the game before it begins

Btw, if you are looking for the James Peterson interview click on this link. Pick up your copy of Triple Your Sponsoring and learn the winning combination of mindset and verbiage of top recruiters. Enter the code WIN to save 50%. The code automatically expires after 10 uses or 11:59pm on Thursday, January 20th, 2011, whichever occurs first....

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Riding Your Way To The Top

On our way to me claiming the gold medal for mountain biking, we filmed this video and discussed a few golden nuggets I learned in the process of going from a newbie to a champion! - Tom P.S.Here's your chance to pick up your copy of TRIPLE YOUR SPONSORING at 51% off the regular price. It's my entire recruiting system and how I personally went from zero to the #1...

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