Hey everyone, today I want to talk about a fascinating interview I did with a Naval Special Operator. I asked him a few general questions but then I got into the real nitty gritty of it all. 

He has been in the military since 2005 and he knows what it takes to succeed in his profession, and I found that a lot of those same characteristics can be applied to YOU in your home based business!

He told me that in his profession, over 75% of the people DROP OUT before finishing. This amazed me because in business, the statistic is that over 95% of people give up before reaching their ultimate outcome.

So obviously there is something different about the 25% that make it through, right? I ventured to dig deep into the conversation and asked him what the real  difference was between people who made it, and those who didn’t. The first question I asked was real simple, but it was very revealing, and I think you’ll find it relate to business:

I first asked: “In your opinion, what is the #1 reason why people give up in your profession?”

His answer was one I know to be true for just about everyone who tries to succeed in network marketing:

He said: “They just can’t see an end to justifying the means. The discomfort they’re experiencing outweighs their desire and potential for what they could gain from it.”

Isn’t that what you see a lot of time in this industry with those who ultimately stop trying? They aren’t willing to do what it takes to actually achieve their ultimate outcome! They don’t yet have a compelling enough reason to actually succeed!

If I have any advice here for you today, its to find your biggest “WHY”. WHY is success a must for you? Why must you absolutely CRUSH your home based business? Why do you want it?Form a clear picture of what that looks like in your mind and you will be driven to a point of massive action.

Next Question: "What is something else you have found to be vital in what drives you and others in your profession?"

What he told me was definitely raw, but his definition was to "Not be seen as a 'sh**bag' to your teammates".

At first, I was a little thrown back when he said that! So I asked him to clarify, and basically what it means is to not be the one who doesn't work and who doesn't let the team down.

This can be applied directly to you and your management of your downline. Don't let them down and genuinely CARE for their needs, and help them by plugging them into simple training systems so THEY can be successful. 

A Tactic For Staying on Track!

I also wanted to get to an outer-game strategy that someone could go and actually use in their business that would help them, so I also asked “What is one thing that you actually do on a day to day basis that keeps you focused and on point?”

His answer was one I had never heard before. He simply said “Compartmentalization”

He explained what that meant in a very easy to understand way, which was “Its completely shutting off other things in life, and focusing on a single task”

If this worker was in combat thinking about the argument he had just had with his wife, or what he would do if he was home right now, he wouldn’t be even CLOSELY as effective at the task at hand!

And just think about all of the things going on in the minds of a person in combat! Some people in our profession get distracted because they’re trying to make prospecting calls but are stuck on Facebook!

 If you just take away this ONE THING and use it in your business, I promise that you will be at least 3 times as productive as you are now. Not worrying about your surroundings and not getting distracted. But be completely and totally focused on the task at hand.

If you can combine the few things we talked about today, I expect you to see a massive increase in your productivity and results moving forward!