In case you missed my video on this topic earlier, I wanted to share a tip with you that helped me to build a team of 40,000 people in less than two years. I didn’t learn this until my back was against the wall, and I hope that you can learn it without being in as bad of a position as I was.

I want you to envision the following situation:

Today is the last day of the month and you are pushing for a contest. You’re on the verge of qualifying for it, and you are giving your business all that you’ve got! You’re rallying your team, calling all of your personal prospects, chicken list, and your friends and family. You are contacting anybody and everybody who will sign up, get the products, upgrade their orders or businesses, and gather more people on their team.

You have that high sense of urgency that leaders have on the last day of the month, and you are going to hit your goal!

I have a question for you… Why can’t you work like that everyday?

I did.

I treated the first day of the month like it was the last day of the month, and gave my business my best everyday. When I did this for one full year I enrolled 500 people, one to three people every single day, by working less than 20 hours per week on average.

It is possible to take that “end of the month” sense of urgency and have it on the first of the month and every day beyond that.

Let’s say you gave your business your best the first day of the month, and now it’s the next day. What do you do? You treat it like it’s the last day of the month. How about the third day of the month? Treat it like it’s the last! You do this the 15th, the 20th, and every other day all the way through the entire month. Everyday, you work just as hard as you would if it were the final day of the month.

If you learn how to develop your prospecting muscles, have a sense of urgency, and get fully out of your comfort zone and go to work, then you will be amazed at what you can do. In fact, if you go from where you are currently, to giving your business 100% or beyond, you will blow past your competition like they are standing still.

When you adapt this one principle and truly give your business your best everyday, you will amaze yourself. But it takes incredibly strategic focus to do. It takes strategic focus and prospecting skills, both of which I teach in detail in my full recruiting system Triple Your Sponsoring.

Your most important secret weapon is to treat everyday that you’re working your business like it is the last day of the month. In fact, what might happen is the last day of the month you might be able to cruise through your goal, or even blow past it!

That is what happened to me. Many months that I was building my business, for the last two, three, or four days of the month my wife and I took vacations. Because we had intensely worked 27 to 29 days during the month, our business continued to duplicate and compound when we weren’t working.

Most people in a home business only give two or three short spurts of intensity throughout the month. Don’t let that be you. Treat every day like it is the end of the month and watch your business grow like crazy!

To Your Success,

Tom Challan

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