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3 Game Changing Tips to Enrolling

There are three tips that I want to share with you today that hardly anyone does but makes ALL the difference in the world! LISTEN-IN on tonight's call and get these game changing tips! Here's How To Listen In: Date: TONIGHT, September 27 Time: (2 PM HST / 5 PM PST / 6 PM MT / 7 PM CST / 8 PM EST) Phone Number: (206) 402-0100 Pin Code: 832004# OR...

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TONIGHT AT 5PM PST: Black Belt Recruiting 101

Are you scare to death of talking to prospects? Have you discovered that you're NOT a natural born recruiter? Are you frustrated at watching other people have success and wonder what you're missing? I have personally sponsored thousands of people in my home business career, but it wasn't always that way. In my first company, it took me a year but I finally sponsored 3 people: my...

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