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REPLAY: Duplication…Create Predictable, Repeatable, Sustainable Success In 2012

[audio:http://content.screencast.com/users/PriorityTeam/folders/Priority%20Team%20General%20Training/media/b67fb6f0-4f57-4bd1-ae84-0a407c5b898f/3.1.12_PTDuplicationEd.mp3] Over the last 19 years in the home business industry I have struggled, failed miserably, got a little bit better, recruited a team member, dove into training and personal growth, my team member quit, got better at recruiting, got better at leading, failed again, grew a little more, recruited a little team, gained more confidence, succeeded a little more, lost a big leader, kept going,...

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How to Prospect Professionals

Tire Kickers Shmire Kickers! Want to know how to never talk to tire kickers again? Want to get infront of the highest quality prospects starting tomorrow? Do you have a $0 advertising and lead buying budget? Then you are going to LOVE learning how to prospect managers and professionals. And guess what ...

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