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One Recruit Per Day Mindset

When I started my home based business years ago, I always focused on DIALS. I thought if I hit my target number of DIALS, then I would have success and build momentum. It sounds like a good plan, right? I personally used to use this “dials” mindset as a crutch, you probably have experienced the same thing. I used to waste my time and tell myself “Okay...

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Recruiting Strategies: A phrase to avoid

Hey there its Tom Challan here with you again from Priority Team! And today I want to talk about the things that you need to avoid when talking to prospects. These are the slip ups that lots of network marketers make and it can be damaging to your success. This will be a short post, but its something that you can fix right away that...

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Why belief factor can either grow, or DESTROY your business

Hey everyone its Tom Challan here with you again, and today I want to give you an extremely powerful mindset tip that you NEED in order to grow your home based business. This is one of the most important ingredients for recruiting more people, having retention in your team members, and growing an actual BUSINESS. Whether if you want your first enrollment ever, OR if...

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