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Objection: “I’ll Join Your Business AFTER You Succeed first!”

You're in network marketing and a friend says,   "Sure, I'll join you, but only after YOU succeed first."   Has this happened to you before?   HERE is a free video showing you how you respond to that!   [fbvideo link="" width="500" height="400" onlyvideo="0"]       I have a FREE Gift for you! I have a special training just for you called "Breakthrough Recruiting Strategies" that will help you take your recruiting to the next level.   For the...

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TONIGHT AT 5PM PST: Black Belt Recruiting 101

Are you scare to death of talking to prospects? Have you discovered that you're NOT a natural born recruiter? Are you frustrated at watching other people have success and wonder what you're missing? I have personally sponsored thousands of people in my home business career, but it wasn't always that way. In my first company, it took me a year but I finally sponsored 3 people: my...

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When is the BEST Time to Make Calls and Build Your Home Business?

“When is the best time to call prospects?” and “When is the best time in the day to build a home business?” are two questions that I’ve been asked a lot over the past 19 years. There are a number of myths about the best time to build your business, and many trainers have differing opinions on this. “Evenings! Tuesdays! Thursdays!” I’ve heard so many different things over...

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Are your prospects MIA?

Do you find too many of your prospects missing in action when you call  them back? If you've been in your business 6 months or more, most likely this has happened to you at least once. Or how about a "dark house"? Ever had one of those?! You know, when you drive for miles to someone's house to do your presentation and the lights are off and...

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People Skills For Prospecting

Hey it’s Tom Challan here with you and today I want to talk to you about developing better people skills for prospecting. We all know that prospecting is probably the most important aspect of our businesses. Without prospecting we cannot get more people into our home-based business! And we all know that without the proper people skills, we will surely fail in this area. Prospecting is...

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Recruiting Strategies: A phrase to avoid

Hey there its Tom Challan here with you again from Priority Team! And today I want to talk about the things that you need to avoid when talking to prospects. These are the slip ups that lots of network marketers make and it can be damaging to your success. This will be a short post, but its something that you can fix right away that...

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