We had a great question come in recently about leaving a voicemail when you’re calling cold leads.


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Leaving a voicemail depends on the type of lead that you’re calling.


If they’re what I call “tire kicker” leads where they’re older leads that are under a dollar then I usually don’t leave a voicemail message. I want to move on through those type of leads because when I have bulk leads of 100 or 200 more people to call then I’ve found that more people actually get back to me just from seeing your caller id than from hearing an actual voicemail message.


If you’re calling really high quality leads where you’ve spent a 3-4 dollars or more per lead then maybe you might want to leave a voicemail message.


When I leave a voicemail message I don’t have a script in front of me because I’ve found that leaving a voicemail like you’re leaving it for a friend is the best way to go. Let me give you an example:


Hey Mary this is Tom calling you back. You requested some information about working from home and I wanted to see what I can do for you. Give me a call back and I look forward to talking with you. God Bless.


I say something very simple. It’s literally just like leaving a vm message for a friend. God bless you. Hope that helped.