“When is the best time to call prospects?” and “When is the best time in the day to build a home business?” are

two questions that I’ve been asked a lot over the past 19 years. There are a number of myths about the best time to build your business, and many trainers have differing opinions on this. “Evenings! Tuesdays! Thursdays!” I’ve heard so many different things over the years that it is hilarious!

Let me share with you the reality. After personally enrolling over 500 people in one year, by consistently enrolling one to three people per day, I can tell you the absolute best time for you to build your home-based business. The best time for you to build your business is the time in which you choose to build your business.

The great part about building a home business is that you can choose to build when you are the most effective. The best times to build are:

A) When you can built it

B) When you have the most energy to build it

C) When you flat out want to build it!

I build my business in the time that I choose to build my business. Specifically, I work in the time in which I have the most energy.

When I was doing most of my enrolling, from 7am to 12pm was my prime-time work schedule. These hours may seem odd, but with leverage and posture I was able to get people to call me during these hours. Once in a while there was an exception to the rule, but 90 percent of my business calls were made during this time.

I did this because I wanted to have a normal schedule after building my business for so many years with a crazy unbalanced schedule. I wanted to have dinner with my wife and four little girls at a normal dinnertime, and I wanted to build a home business on my own terms.

When you learn how to leverage your time and have developed strategic skills, you can get your prospects to be available at the times you need them to be available.

Let’s say that I am speaking with a Prospect and he is not available when I need him to be:

Tom: “Let’s talk at 10:00am.”

Prospect: “I’m working at that time.”

Tom: “Do you have any breaks? Is there anytime where you can sneak away for 15 minutes, so I can show you how to earn that extra $1,000 a month that you told me that you wanted to make? That’s the only opening in my schedule in the next couple of days, and I want to make sure that I get this information to you.”

My words are postured in a way that conveys that my schedule is fixed. It is important to properly qualify prospects and establish this kind of posture, so you can build your business in the times that you want to build.

Set a schedule for your business and stick to it. And when you are done for the day, you are done! You don’t have to build your business all day long. Be strategic, get a lot of productivity done in a short period of time, and do whatever else you want to do for the rest of the day.

Building a home business is great. But building a home business while having a life is even better!


Tom Challan